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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service for you provides a revitalising seated chair massage at your workplace.
Our back-rub sequences involve massaging the high tension areas of your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands to help to prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome.
Our back-rubs take ten minutes, the ideal time for a break, although you can request longer if you wish.
Space requirements are minimal - only about two metres square is needed for our practitioners.
No, our back-rub recipients remain fully clothed. At most, our practitioners may ask you remove a jacket or a bulky item of clothing for more benefit.
No oils or aromatherapy diffusers are used during your back-rub
Our practitioners clean the chair and their hands between each back-rub and follow all COVID-19 guidelines.
Just ask. Our practitioners are trained to adapt to all body types and sensitivities.
During your back-rub you will experience a range of techniques from pressures, range of motion, deep tisssue, trigger point work to stretches and percussion in a specially designed. and totalled sequence that has proved to be logical and acceptable to your body.
It is easy to mistake a sense of relaxation for fatigue. In our experience, we find that after taking a few deep breaths followed by a drink of water, within a few minutes you will feel revitalized and ready to be more productive.
Back-rubs can be very beneficial during pregnancy. However be sure to let your practitioner know as we can provide sternum pads for your greater comfort and adjust routines accordingly.
Yes. Medical contraindications include but are not limited to uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, fractures, herniated discs, malignancy, and numbness. If in doubt then just check with your doctor first. Our practitioners are trained to always ask.
Our treatments vary depending on many things like location, number of recipients at a venue, and time-length of individual back-rubs. We consider our service to be best in value with costs ranging• from $17-20 per 15 minute backrub session.
You can have any number if you wish. The optimum number is 20 per day per practitioner and the maximum would be limited only to possibly room size.
Not in most cases. Unfortunately, we do not have practitioners in all areas of New Zealand yet, although we continue to grow and are branching out.
Yes. Just contact us and we will come to you and demonstrate our service at your workplace free of charge. We know the best way for you to fully understand our service to experience it for yourself.
Yes. All our practitioners have professional liability and medical malpractice insurance and they are recertified every year to practice our set sequences as taught. We are quite happy to provide full details upon request.
All our practitioners have a Certificate in On-Site Chair Massage as taught by our Company to our high standards. Many of our practitioners come from either nursing, health, and/or fitness background and understand the stresses that can be experienced at the workplace whether sedentary, physical, or sporting. Many are practicing massage therapists with their own clinics. All our practitioners have a current photo ID card recertified annually.
Although we encourage employers to subsidise ( 50/50 ) or pay fully for our excellent programme as part of a benefit package, many employees are quite happy to pay for our affordable service themselves.
Yes we do. We can provide several practitioners or just one for your company exhibition stand from a half day to several days. Prices would vary depending on location, duration and numbers treated.
We use a specially designed portable ergonomic padded chair that is adjustable to fit all our clients. It is very comfortable for you and just superb for our practitioners as it allows superior acess to all the tight muscle areas especially around your neck, shoulders, and lower back.
Yes. In order to receive a full refund, all cancellations must be made at least one day before your scheduled visit.