What we Do

requires employers and employees to work together.

Relaxed muscles are the key

We work to prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome ( OOS ) and can help remove the main cause of physical pain which causes absenteeism among staff - before the problems start. We provide NZ workplaces with a safe and effective preventative health service.


Muscle aches, tension and chronic pain, caused by negative stress, are inconvenient and annoying and they reduce productivity. ACC spends approximately $355 million every year on back problems alone and currently up to 90% of doctor visits ( usually during work time ) are for stress related complaints. The cost to NZ business and the economy is vast.

Far more than a simple back-rub

We revitalise workers through regular weekly on-site back-rubs. Our superior ergonomic padded chairs are designed to enable our qualified practitioners to perform our fully clothed back-rub sequences involving muscle fibre frictions, range of motion and stretch routines with maximum efficiency . Perfect for you as busy professionals.

You provide the space, we’ll be there

Just 15 minutes per person once a week - that’s all it takes to significantly cut down stress, creating a more productive environment at your workplace. We can also advise you on work station layout and provide exercise and stretching information.

Affordable Investment

Although we encourage employers to subsidise or pay for our excellent programme as part of a benefit package, in most cases, employees are happy to pay for our affordable service themselves. All we need is suitable space in your premises and 15 minutes each week for each staff member.

The benefits speak for themselves

  • The prevention of stress and fatigue as a workplace hazard
  • Happy workers due to increased well-being
  • Fewer doctor’s bills and reduced remedial medical costs
  • Smoother Interactions with clients and suppliers - due to less stressed staff
  • Increased morale - fewer days off
  • Improved ability of staff to focus on tasks - leading to better results
  • Raised awareness of responsibility for own health
  • Staff who think they have a great boss - enhanced loyalty